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Water and energy are intertwined. Not that long ago, water and energy conservation contributed little more than idle discussion when specifying water systems. Today, companies must explore innovative ways to conserve water, reduce energy consumption, and minimize waste. The cost of water continues to rise in most areas of the world. As importantly, water scarcity is a real problem that plagues industry and communities alike. The statistics are disturbing, with estimates that by 2030, more than 47% of the world population will be living in areas of high water stress. [UN World Water Development Report.] The implications for industry are serious and can create risks to businesses and manufacturing of all kinds.

In particular, the pharmaceutical industry requires consistent, high- quality water for production and wastewater treatment to meet the demands of ever-stricter regulatory discharge limits. To meet these challenges, companies must question conventional thinking and typical approaches and explore new technologies and solutions in order to remain competitive.
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