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Currently marketed security systems require manual monitoring of captured video. Alerts and alarms reveal only movement of doors, not movement of specific items. Hidden objects are missed by the security equipment. As a result, commercial and government security systems in place today provide only an illusion of security, and offer a placebo in place of asset protection. Given the reliance on human intervention, business losses are not significantly reduced through conventional security measures.

NOX Defense systems provide a combination of active and passive RFID, proprietary NOX technology, Expert Systems, and Business Intelligence Systems, dynamically operational in an undetectable surveillance and response system. This system operates in an unattended environment, alerts designated executive and response teams to a breach, sets off response and reset protocols, and collects forensic evidence in high definition video and court-usable reporting. Interested government and commercial parties may submit their environment for an analysis for suitability for implementation.

According to the American Management Association, employees steal over a billion dollars a week from their employers. It takes $20Billion in sales each week to cover the losses. In most businesses, declining profits, unexplained inventory shortages, and whispered rumors around the office are the only indicators of what is happening. Threats from a professional robber may be unlikely, but 95% of all businesses are hit by an “inside job”. Victimization by employees is the rule, not the exception in American business, and 90% of insider employees are susceptible to the kind of minor pilfering which seems trivial, but adds up to a sizable loss. Managers are reluctant to ask questions and search for answers, because trusted employees feel offended by the suggestion that they might be thieves.

A University of Florida study sponsored by the National Retail Federation says 47% of retail shrinkage in 2006 was due to employee theft, while only 32% was attributed to shoplifting. The rest, it seems, was administrative or vendor error. Indeed, a Deloitte study reveals that most companies cite human error as their prime security concern. If our only way of finding the source of inventory shrinkage is to hire a human being to sit and watch a grainy videotape 24 hours a day, human error does become an overwhelming consideration. We’ve all seen enough Miami Vice reruns to recognize that the “stakeout” is a highly inefficient method of ensuring asset security. Given the state of security technology, we have two choices. We could surrender, and plan on significant inventory losses every year. Or, we could drive ourselves crazy with locks and counter-locks, passwords and secret handshakes, fences, gates, and video monitors that only provide us the illusion of security. Too often, we put in extensive camera systems, only to find that we can’t sustain the work involved in keeping the cameras watched by a human eye. That human eye is too fallible to provide the level of security business needs. In fifteen minutes of staring at a screen, the human eye stops seeing what’s really there.

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