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Federal Equipment Company  For more than 50 years, Federal Equipment Company has been a trusted name in the processing equipment industry. We are dedicated to delivering quality used equipment, outstanding service and competitive prices to meet the...
Federal Equipment Complete Capabilities List Please View Website for Complete Offerings List:
PEPCON Systems  PEPCON Systems (PEPCON) designs, manufactures and services equipment that utilizes a proven electrochemical process to safely and economically treat water and control odor in a variety of applications. These systems are...
OdorMaster systems PEPCON’s OdorMaster systems are designed to efficiently and economically treat malodorous emissions like hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, organic amines and...
Dust Control Technology  Dust Control Technology is the proven worldwide leader in dust and odor control solutions. The company was formed by two professionals with a combined 50+ years in bulk materials handling, including dust suppression and...
FloQuip  The equipment produced by FloQuip has been developed to include a full range of chemical preparation and dosing equipment systems to suit all chemicals used in liquid solid separation and odour control. Our chemical...
Odour Control Systems FloQuip, in conjunction with MuSoL, offers a complete package into the marketplace for the effective control of odours within the water, wastewater and...
BioAir Solutions, LLC  It is BioAir's mission to develop new ideas that make biological odor and air emissions control more efficient, reliable and cost-effective for our customers. We will strive to partner with our customers every step of the...
EcoCarb™ carbon filter EcoCarb from BioAir Solutions is an economical odor control solution utilizing readily available activated carbon. It is designed to meet low-level odor...
EcoFilter ® biotrickling filter EcoFilter® delivers unmatched odor control performance using a new generation of filtering and media technology for reliable and long-term removal of both...
Bio-Cascade Solutions Inc  Bio-Cascade Inc. is based in Boston, Massachusetts. With Reps and Offices located throughout the US. They are a master distributor and service provider for the Bio-Hygienic products Clean Air Plant- CAP™, Clean Water...
Distributor and service provider for the Bio-Hygienic products Bio-Cascade Inc. is based in Boston, Massachusetts. With Reps and Offices located throughout the US. They are a master distributor and service provider for...
Bioscience, Inc  Since 1984, Bioscience, Inc. has been committed to providing innovative products and services for environmentally sound and efficient treatment of wastewater, wastewater sludge, contaminated soils, and biotreatment for...
MICROCAT®-ANL Phototrophic (light activated) microbes, in liquid form, for control of sulfur-based odor-causing compounds.  Also degrades organics under anaerobic...
Pro Flow Aerobic  The Pro Flo Wastewater Treatment Plant is similar to large municipality sewage treatment plants. It uses an extended aeration activated sludge process. This type of treatment depends primarily on the use of air. When air...
1,000 S *Pretreatment Tank Sold Separately (Pro Flo recommends the pretreatment tank be no smaller than 800 gallons) 1110 – Gallon Aeration Chamber 372 – Gallon...
1,500 S *Pretreatment Tank Sold Separately (Pro Flo recommends the pretreatment tank be no smaller than 1125 gallons) 1659 – Gallon Aeration Chamber 735 – Gallon...
RJM Company  Welcome to RJM plumbing, utility, construction equipment sales, and training. Thank you for visiting. RJM Company is a family owned manufacturers representative since 1985 dedicated to long term customer satisfaction....
SCARAB  Scarab is the World's Leading Manufacturer of Large Windrow Turners. With machines in 19 countries, SCARAB's international reputation as the true pioneer and undisputed industry leader in windrow composting technology is...
Scarab Odor Solution SCARAB's chemist and engineers have combined composting best practices with chemical industry best practices to provide operators with a practical, durable...
Ultraflote Corporation  The Ultraflote Corporation was established in 1972 to provide the Ultraflote ® Roof, the most technologically advanced Internal Floating Roof, More than 7,000 completed projects to the petroleum industry. With the...
Quad Seal Flat Cover The Ultraflote Quad Seal Flat Cover is ideal for your odor control applications. Constructed of custom extrusions welded around the perimeter of heavyweight...
Ultradome The Ultradome is a fully triangulated spherical, spaceframe structure. Its inherent Municipal Benefits design benefits such as its clear-span and...
New Waste Concepts  New Waste Concepts is dedicated to producing a broad spectrum of technically advanced products. Finding new and innovative solutions for organizations involved in waste disposal, environmental remediation and...
SWAT RF Series NWC's SWAT “Sprays Wide And Terminates” technology offers an effective tool for combating odors, suppressing dust, controlling insects, repelling birds and...
Anua  Anua is a modern Irish-based industrial enterprise with locations around the world. In the United States, we are headquartered in Greensboro, N.C. Our trading name, Anua, is derived directly from the Irish word meaning...
Monashell biofilter Mónashell ® Biofiltration Odor Control System With more than 600 references the Mónashell biofiltration system is a sustainable, low maintenance and low...
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Sulfite Test Cannon Water Technology Inc. Sulfite Test for water treatment.
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