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Federal Equipment Company  For more than 50 years, Federal Equipment Company has been a trusted name in the processing equipment industry. We are dedicated to delivering quality used equipment, outstanding service and competitive prices to meet the...
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Eco-Tec Inc  Eco-Tec designs, develops, and manufactures equipment for industrial water treatment and purification of chemicals and gases. Our products incorporate advanced, proprietary designs that provide clients with improved...
BgPur™ - Biogas Purification Eco-Tec’s Biogas Purification System – BgPur™ – is an award-winning technology that reduces sulfur dioxide emissions, equipment corrosion, and fouling by...
Anue Water Technologies, Inc.  Anue Water Technologies designs, manufactures and markets non-chemical odor control systems for wastewater collection systems. Our sustainable technology offers substantial and ongoing cost savings as well as guaranteed...

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Pretreatment Option for RO
Eco-Tec Inc
PRETREATMENT OPTION TO ENSURE LONGER RO MEMBRANE LIFE By Jane Mai, EIT, B.A.Sc. Eco-Tec Inc. Much like death and taxes, reverse osmosis membrane fouling is inevitable. However, there are preventative measures that can be taken to minimize scaling and fouling that will ensure longer reverse osmosis membrane life. REVERSE OSMOSIS Reverse osmosis (RO) involves forcing water through a ...
Acid Separation for Impruity Control
Eco-Tec Inc
Acid separation using short bed ion exchange is a now well established technology in copper refinery tankhouses. Refinery bleed streams from liberator cells are treated by short bed systems to produce an acid-free byproduct stream that contains the bleed metals and valuable nickel salts. Removing the acid eliminates the need for a black acid evaporator and reduces the amount of sodium carbonate ...
Approaches to Produced Water Treatment Evolving
Eco-Tec Inc
In California, a Canadian company’s higher-performing micro-media filtration and ion-exchange softening reflect a progressive approach to produced water treatment. Eco-Tec, Inc., with its manufacturing facility in Pickering, Ontario, has provided seven heavy-oil operations in California with new treatment systems in a span of just over two years – softening water at a total capacity of about ...
Evolution of Ion Exchange
Eco-Tec Inc
SIZE DOES MATTER Evolution of Counter-Current Ion Exchange for Industrial Water Treatment Bigger is not always better, and this concept is also true for industrial water treatment systems. Historically, water treatment systems consisted of large components with big footprints, convoluted piping and wiring, complex installations, and incompatible peripheral components—all of which contribute to ...
Novel Ion-Exchange System Softens Produced Water for Steam Generation
Eco-Tec Inc
Originally appeared in World Oil ® OctOber 2011 issue, pgs 121-126. Posted with permission. As California entered a period of severe drought in 2008, the challenges of using thermal methods to extract heavy oil became compounded by the difficulty of securing freshwater sources from which to generate the high-quality steam that these methods require. In an effort to manage the crisis, then-Gov. ...

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