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President Obama’s Plans for Sustainability
As world leaders gather in Copenhagen to debate a successor to the landmark Kyoto Protocol, it is no overstatement to say that all eyes will be on the United States. Executive 0rder 13514 is President Obama’s most significant call to environmental action. The order request plans and accurate tracking of each agency’s greenhouse gases. The process of making sustainability actionable begins with ...
Automated Calibration Planning Lowers Costs
Calibration is an essential element of any instrumentation maintenance program. However, sometimes calibration operations can be long and time-consuming. By planning the process and adding the right tools, efficiency can be improved and costs lowered substantially. Accumulated wear and random variations in a sensor's environment will inevitably reduce its accuracy over time, so periodic testing ...
Sales and Operations Planning: The Key to Continuous Demand Satisfaction
SALES AND OPERATIONS PLANNING : THE KEY TO CONTINUOUS DEMAND SATISFACTION Executive Agenda 1 The Trouble with Planning When Information Is Not Shared 3 Learning from the Best S&OP Practices 5 Defining the Five-Step Review Process 7 Taking S&OP to the Next Level 9 About the Sources 10 SALES AND OPERATIONS PLANNING THE KEY TO CONTINUOUS DEMAND SATISFACTION by Arnold Mark Wells, SAP America Inc. ...
Financial Planning and Analysis: Kicking It Up a Notch!
The Wall Street collapse and Great Recession have underscored the need for sound and sophisticated financial planning and analysis (FP&A). That is good news for FP&A professionals. According to APQC research, the role of the FP&A professional has gained prominence since 2009. Learn the pressure points for today's FP&A professionals, and what they are doing to meet the challenges.
Enterprise Resource Planning
What benefits are enterprise resource planning (ERP) adopters seeing compared to their peers? APQC's Open Standards Research data indicate that organizations with an ERP system have customer order cycle times nearly half as long as those reported by organizations without an ERP system. Organizations with an ERP system also report lower costs for the "operate warehousing" process.

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