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Business benefits, challenges and best practices of Material Master Data Management
A 26-page information rich whitepaper on the business benefits, challenges and best practices of Material Master Data Management Wondering why most organizations are challenged in driving continuing positive ROI from their system consolidation exercise? You may be just a step away from unlocking the huge ROI trapped in your scattered and fragmented Material Master data. Read what eminent Meta ...
The Business Case for Master Data Management
The following is a step-by-step guide to create the right business case for all your Master Data Requirement. Business initiatives such as ERP system consolidation, enterprise spend management, total productivity management (TPM) and improving overall equipment efficiency (OEE) have one thing in common. That is dependency on a clean, classified and attribute enriched master data.
Technology Business Research, Inc
In a consolidating IT industry, EMC and Cisco could not afford to be left on the sidelines. Driven by customer purchasing preferences and vendors’ drive for scale, the IT market is quickly consolidating around a handful of large vendors. IBM and HP remain the industry benchmarks, while a combined Sun/Oracle is emerging as a potential challenger. The partnership is a culmination of both ...
Technology Business Research, Inc
Below is TBR’s commentary on Hewlett-Packard's purchase of Fortify. Please feel free to use the content below, or call/email for additional commentary. HP Fortifies Security to Capture Business Opportunities in a Changing Landscape HP announced its intent to acquire strategic partner Fortify as consolidation of security companies increases across the industry. Fortify specializes in application ...
Though Low, Dell Services' Top-line Growth Post-Perot Integration is in Line with IBM
Technology Business Research, Inc
Dell Services will see a big management change in 2011 with a new president; however, lackluster top-line growth is likely throughout the year. In January, Dell Services announced the consolidation of its Public and Large Enterprise business units into the Public-Large Enterprise business unit. In conjunction with the business unit consolidation efforts, Steve Schuckenbrock, who recently led ...

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Trojan UVMAZ IHS12-D4 Cannon Water Technology Inc. Trojan UVMax IHS12-D4 UV light disinfection system. This Ultraviolet light disinfection system will effectively treat your entire home.
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