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BioprocessH2O  BioprocessH2O specializes in the engineered modular solutions to water and wastewater treatment challenges in the municipal and industrial markets. We place a high value on water and therefore, we will provide the best...
Aeration Industries International LLC  wastewater treatment equipment & systems including process aerator mixer, oxidation ditch, SBR, and existing upgrades and retrofits.
Sterilex  Sterilex Corporation is a recognized leader in developing antimicrobial, anti-biofilm, and decontamination products for infection control, biofilm removal, biodecontamination, and chemical decontamination. Sterilex...
Sterilex® Ultra-Kleen CW502 Powder Biocide * Penetrates and removes biofilm. * EPA registered bactericide, slimicide, and algicide. * Kills and controls growth of bacteria, mold, fungi, and...
Sterilex® Ultra-Kleen Powder *Specially formulated for removal of organic soils to meet and exceed USDA regulations * A multi-purpose product which may be applied by foaming,...
Environmental Water Solutions, Inc.  Processing Equipment for Water & Wastewater Treatment Systems In addition to equipment sales we provide application engineering, system engineering (including design and integration), fabrication services, project...

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Dr. A. Randall, Ph.D., P.E., Biologically Engineered Biofilm Modifications for the Enhancement of Collection System Transformati
Increased influent RBCOD and heterotrophic plate counts coincided with the start of bioaugmentation in this study. Observed influent sulfide levels were also lower during bioaugmentation. RBCOD increases could potentially improve biological phosphorus or nitrogen removal. Lowered sulfides in the influent could lower corrosion and odors in the collection system and preliminary treatment/plant ...
Biological Control in Cooling Towers Tested with Pulsed-Power Systems
Dolphin WaterCare
The Effect of Pulse-Power Technology on the Microbial Content and Biofilm Formation in Evaporative Cooling Towers Dennis J. Opheim, Ph.D. Department of Biomedical Sciences Quinnipiac University, Hamden CT This study quantitatively compares the effectiveness of pulsed-power water treatment with traditional chemical water treatment on the microbial content and formation of biofilm in cooling ...
Effective Biofilm Control on High Surface Density Vertical-Flow Structured Sheet Media for Submerged Applications - 2010
Brentwood Industries, Inc
This study was undertaken to investigate the mixing characteristics and establish aeration mixing criteria for a Vertical-Flow (VF) structured sheet media system. The results demonstrated that the optimized airlift pumping associated with the VF media system using fine bubble diffusers is capable of achieving effective biofilm control for enhanced process performance. The media scouring ...
Orange Park, FL: The Effects of Bioaugmentation in Collection System on WWTP Operations, a Case Study
The wastewater treatment plant in the Town of Orange Park, Florida was challenged to meet a new discharge permit issued by the Basin Management Action Plant (BMAP) for the lower St. John's River that was 70% lower than the plant was capable of delivering. The Town's existing wastewater treatment facilities utilized three parallel Contact Stabilization package-type systems to treat 1 MGD and ...
Nitrifying Trickling Filter Provides Reliable, Low-Energy, and Cost-Effective Tertiary Municipal Wastewater Treatment of a Lagoo
Brentwood Industries, Inc
The case study described in this paper demonstrates that the nitrifying trickling filter (NTF) is a reliable and robust bioreactor. The studied NTF was designed to oxidize ammonia-nitrogen (NH3-N) remaining in the effluent stream of an aerated lagoon that is located in Newton, Mississippi, USA. NTF performance data was collected during a period beginning in June 2007 and ending in January 2010. ...

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IPS - Fluid & Gas Handling Solutions International Polymer Solutions Inc.
Organophosphate Cannon Water Technology Inc. Organophosphate Test for water treatment.
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