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Wireless Water Level Control System for Construction Temporary Storage Tank
Cannon Water Technology Inc.
A large construction site required a temporary but sustainable water supply to fill water spray trucks used for dust control. The only convenient water source was from a river about 1.5 miles away from the construction site. Fences that contain livestock blocked access to the river. This was a big problem for the contractor since it would take too long to open and close the gates whenever a water ...
Automatic Monitoring and Control of Cooling Water Treatment Products
Cannon Water Technology Inc.
Control of cooling water inhibitor dosage is one of the critical issues in achieving good results as to control of scale, corrosion and deposition; minimization of water management program operating cost; and environmental compliance. While manual test and control using easy to test for actives such as chromate, phosphate, and molybdate can provide acceptable results, automation of the dosage ...
Electrolytic Bromine: A Greener Biocide
Cannon Water Technology Inc.
The word “green” is today being applied to more and more products in commerce and generally indicates that the product so designated has superior attributes from the environmental standpoint. In the cooling water management business, we are seeing “green” applied to a number of different products; non-chemical devices claim to be green as their use eliminates discharge of “hazardous” chemicals ...
Treatment and Beneficial Use of Abandoned Mine Drainage
Cannon Water Technology Inc.
Acidic drainage containing dissolved metals from abandoned mines is a major cause of impaired water quality in many areas of the country, the coal mining regions of Pennsylvania being especially hard hit. With most of the active mining having taken place in the late 19 and early 20 th centuries, there are no responsible parties available to remediate the problem with the result that the state ...
Replacement of Organic Biocides by Electrolytic Bromine
Cannon Water Technology Inc.
A large zinc and aluminum die casting plant in Western Pennsylvania was using over $300 per week worth of proprietary isothiazolin and glutaraldehyde based organic biocides to control biological growth in one 16,000 gallon volume cooling tower system, the “ZDCW” system. Even at this high biocide dosage, control was borderline; the cooling water was very turbid with a strong septic odor. ...

Water Marketing Documents

Product/Chemical Name: BW-30
Product/Chemical Name: BW-106
ElectroBrom TM Electrolytic Bromine Biocide Units
MiniBrom TM Electrolytic Bromine Units, the “Green” Biocide
Inclined Plate Clarifiers
Stabilized Bromine- Effective, Low Cost Biocide for High pH Cooling Tower Operation
ProChemTech International, Inc.
ElectroBromtm the Green Bio Control for Hydrofracture Water
Treatment and Use of Acid Mine Drainage for Marcellus Hydrofracture Water
Marcellus Hydrofracture Wastewater Disposal by Treatment and Recycle
SSBrom tm the Green Bio Control for Hydrofracture Water
Marcellus Bio Control using the SSBrom
SulfaStoptm the Green Sulfate Scale Inhibitor for Marcellus Hydrofracture Water
What's in your cooling system
BlueTrace tm - Advanced Chemical Dosage Control
BlueTrak I tm – Automatic Chemical Concentration Control for Cooling Towers
Cooling Tower Water Conservation
Best Technology for Control of Infection from Operation of Cooling Tower Systems
Solve Gas Well Fracture Water Supply Problems by Treatment and Use of Acid Mine Drainage
Solve Gas Well Fracture Water Supply and Disposal Problems by Treatment and Recycle
Marcellus Hydrofracture Makeup Water Sulfate Scale Control
Want to be Green? Get a MiniBrom
The Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry
Be Green - Save Water – Eliminate Scale Reduce Your Water and Energy Costs
SofTektm and SSBromtm
ZBT -Zero Blowdown Technology
Cooling Tower Water Management for USGBC LEED Green Building Certification
Low Environmental Impact Cooling Tower Water Management
Cooling Tower Bypass Filtration - A Green, Proven Cost Reduction Technology
BlueTrace tm - Advanced Chemical Technology for Control of Chemical Dosage
BlueTrak tm - Automated Control of Cooling Tower Chemical Feed
Water System Colorants
Cooling Tower Water Management
Eliminate use of toxic, hazardous chemicals with the new ElectroBromtm Biocide System
LowTen tm A New Technology for Cleaner Heat Transfer Surfaces and Reduced Energy Usage
Marcellus Gas Well Hydrofracture Wastewater Disposal by Recycle Treatment Process
Treatment of Abandoned Mine Drainage for Use as Marcellus Gas Well Hydrofracture Makeup Water
SofTek tm A Safe, Simple, and Environmentally Responsible Technology to Minimize Cooling Tower Water Use and Eliminate Scale
Control of White Rust with “ZincGard”
Zero Blowdown Technology (ZBT) for Cooling Towers A “Green” Technology for Water Use Reduction
ProChemTech SSBrom tm The Green Biocide for Cooling Towers
Wastewater Treatment Systems

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