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High Efficiency waste water recycle-reuse for refinery & Chemical Industry
Aquatech International
High Efficiency waste water recycle-reuse for refinery & Chemical Industry Delhi Seminar 2010 (Aquatech V. Sreekumar · Introduction to the presentation · Environmental Aspects · Various Generic Chemical Processes in the Industries · Generation of Wastewater · Drivers · Approach – recycle & Reuse · Water management in Existing Facility · Establishing a Database · Advantages · Disadvantages · ...
Alternatives to Chlorine For Cleaning Cooling Towers
Dolphin WaterCare
ALTERNATIVES TO CHLORINE FOR CLEANING COOLING TOWERS Summary The new amendments to ASHRAE Standard 62-2001, Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality, require a minium separation distance between cooling towers and outdoor air intakes or doors and windows that are a part of a natural ventilation design. However this minimum distance does not necessarily provide protection to building ...
Biological Control in Cooling Towers Tested with Pulsed-Power Systems
Dolphin WaterCare
The Effect of Pulse-Power Technology on the Microbial Content and Biofilm Formation in Evaporative Cooling Towers Dennis J. Opheim, Ph.D. Department of Biomedical Sciences Quinnipiac University, Hamden CT This study quantitatively compares the effectiveness of pulsed-power water treatment with traditional chemical water treatment on the microbial content and formation of biofilm in cooling ...
Pulse-Power Water Treatment Systems for Cooling Towers
Dolphin WaterCare
It's another scorching summer day in Sacramento. The local weather forecaster is calling for yet another 103°F day – the fourth time this week. The phone starts ringing – people from all parts of the building are calling to tell you that the air conditioning system is broken (again). With a heavy sigh, you grab your tool belt and head outside to check on the chiller. Outside, an idle chiller and ...
Barwon Water Saves Nearly $120,000 per Year on Fire-Flow Reports
Bentley Helps Barwon Water Save Nearly $120,000 per Year on Fire‑Flow Reports WaterGEMS-GIS Integration Provides Australia Water Authority Immediate Access to Flow-and-Pressure Information Project Summary Organization Barwon Region Water Corporation Solution Water and Wastewater Location Victoria, Australia Project Objectives • Integrate WaterGEMS models with Barwon Water’s existing GIS • Create ...

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