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x86-Based Servers: Corporate IT Buying Behavior & Customer Satisfaction Study
Technology Business Research, Inc
Server spending abruptly picks up, setting the stage for increasing customer enthusiasm.
Server Adoption - Computer Business Landscape Review-3Q09
Technology Business Research, Inc
The emerging home network environment will benefit from the features of a home server, and the market will eventually move toward global server devices. Currently, servers play a small role in the consumer PC market, but eventually a combination of improved software, better marketing, and increased consumer need to manage and backup digital assets will drive home server adoption. The increasing ...
Bentley OpenPlant ModelServer V8i
Bentley® OpenPlant ModelServer V8i (SELECTseries 3) Effectively and Productively Manage Model Components Bentley OpenPlant ModelServer V8i (SELECTseries 3) is the first plant design server software to ef- fectively and productively manage and distribute design components across global projects without the need for database replication. This capability is powered by the software’s ...
x86-Based Servers: Corporate IT Buying Behavior & Customer Satisfaction Study
Technology Business Research, Inc
Enthused with their new acquisitions following an extended purchasing drought, x86 server customers express their elation IBM holds third straight sole No. 1 ranking, yet competitive field tightens in 2Q10 • Overall, 2009 was a challenging year for IT industry hardware vendors. The Great Recession forced companies to delay purchases, creating a decidedly negative workplace atmosphere. Customer ...
x86-Based Servers: Corporate IT Buying Behavior & Customer Satisfaction Study
Technology Business Research, Inc
IBM Market Intelligence Technology Business Research, Inc. 3Q10 X86-based Server Satisfaction at a Glance TBR The supreme enthusiasm generated in 2Q10 continues to sustain 3Q10 satisfaction positions well above 2009 levels IBM holds fourth straight sole No. 1 ranking, yet competitive field remains tight

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FaciliWorks 8i Server - Calibration Module CyberMetrics Corporation
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