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Identifying and Reducing Ground Loop Feedback
CAS Data Loggers
While grounding can prevent and resolve many power issues, it can also create serious issues of its own. One of the most common problems is known as ground loop feedback--often resulting when different electrical circuits are powering a system and its peripherals. This can also be a seasonal issue as hot dry temperatures can create signal noise for equipment end users, so the Application ...
Technology Business Research, Inc
Taken together, iPads and iPods, along with iTunes, contributed $4.9 billion, or 31%, to Apple revenues. Macs and associated peripherals, software and services comprised $5.4 billion, or 35%, and iPhones added $4.9 billion, or 34%. Macs, etc., revenue grew 29% year-to-year; iPhones grew 74%, and iPads, iPods and iTunes grew 101%, thanks to the iPad. Apple’s triple-threat product line gives the ...
AVX Tantalum Case Study
JDA Software Group
Using JDA Solutions to Address the Challenges of Multi-Site, Global Manufacturing Operations at AVX Tantalum Description AVX Corporation is a global manufacturer of electronic components, headquartered in South Carolina, USA, with additional locations in the UK, Czech Republic and El Salvador. The organization’s Tantalum Division (AVX Tantalum) manufactures and supplies tantalum capacitors, ...
HP’s Paper Usage Strategy as a Customer Role Model - Sustainability Spotlight
Technology Business Research, Inc
Unlike most computer vendors, HP is heavily involved in selling printers and the digital-ready paper that goes into them. In fact, the company’s Imaging and Printing Group accounts for fully 20% of total HP revenue. HP is also a major distributor of paper. For example, HP is the world’s top-selling brand of inkjet photo papers. In contrast, nearest competitor Dell sells almost no paper; printer ...
Toshiba Case Study
JDA Software Group
Enabling Online Supplier Collaboration at Toshiba Semiconductor Company Industry Manufacturer of Semiconductor Products Description Toshiba Semiconductor Company, an in-house company of Toshiba Corporation, is a leading global manufacturer of semiconductor products, including audio and visual system LSIs, PCs and PC peripherals, and mobile phones. Headquartered in Japan, Toshiba Semiconductor ...

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