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Technology Business Research, Inc
Consulting and Systems integration business continues to be under pressure, as the market environment remains volatile. Consulting tends to fall in the discretionary budget category. In many instances, the offerings that consulting companies have are not critical to the survival of the business in the downturn. Thus, large ERP implementations, system and software upgrades, strategy consulting or ...
Leveraging CLM Automation for Competitive Advantage
Alliance Life Sciences Consulting Group, Inc
Leveraging CLM Automation for Competitive Advantage While many organizations have come to realize the importance of implementing more robust Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions, many fail to realize the full potential benefits of such automation. Implementing technology to solve a business problem, or to strengthen a business position, is never the whole of the solution. This situation ...
Implementing Radical Change: The Right Stuff
Rockford Consulting Group
Over the years U.S. manufacturing companies lost substantial market share in many industries. Stiff foreign and domestic competition drove executives to seek solutions. MRP had its heyday, then JIT, CIM, TQM, and time-based competition. Quick-fix solu-tions failed, as well as downsizing and decentralization. By now we understand what led to this bind --years of haphazard growth and piece-meal ...
Business Process Reengineering: The Turbo Organization
Rockford Consulting Group
Driving a turbo-powered sports car is an exciting experience. Step on the gas pedal zero to sixty in a few seconds. Maneuvering through traffic.... downshift, accelerate past others, upshift....gone. Curves coming up?....downshift...corner..... accelerate. You notice the responsiveness of this finely engineered product. You expect this; this precision machine was designed for this, and it is ...
Developing World Class Enterprise Agility: How to Manage Radical Transformation
Rockford Consulting Group
Developing World Class Enterprise Agility: How to Manage Radical Transformation Most of the strength of the U.S. economy has been built on capital, technology, natural resources, and information, while markets were relatively captive. It's no longer this way. Foreign competition has challenging companies more so than ever before. New ways to compete are being be devised. In response to ...

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