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Eco-Tec Inc
The Next Generation in Water Filtration for the Oil and Gas Industry Eco-Tec White Paper By Michael Dejak, P.Eng. Introduction There is a need in many segments of the oil and gas production industry for an improvement in water filtration over traditional methods. This is especially true since the trend in oil and gas production is toward tighter, less permeable reservoirs and greater use of ...
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Agape Water Solutions
Electrodeionization(EDI)isanultrapurewat ertreatmentprocessthatpol- ishesreverseosmosis(RO)permeatewithoutch emicalregeneration.EDIhas beeninexistenceforover55years,andhasbeen commerciallyavailablefor morethan23years.Ithasbecomeaprovenandacc eptabletechnologyforall industrialwatertreatmentuserswhorequireh ighpurity. The process of operating an EDI system is extremely simple. ...
Agape Water Solutions Document
Agape Water Solutions
Industrial system design Photo courtesy of Hydranautics Introduction Reverse osmosis (RO) is cur- rently used in various applica- tions ranging from small, undersink drinking water units to large industrial systems. The technology is widely used and accepted as it removes both dis- solved ionic and organic impuri- ties. This article will focus on the reverse osmosis technology in industrial ...
Comparing Coconut Shell-Based and Coal-Based Activated Carbons
Comparing Coconut Shell-Based and Coal-Based Activated Carbons Why are coconut shells used to produce activated carbon? Due to their high carbon content and hardness, coconut shells are an excellent raw material source to produce activated carbon. Activated carbons that are produced using coconut shells as the raw material are often sourced in geographic regions where coconuts are harvested, ...
Membrane Filtration Improves Water Quality at Point Beach Nuclear Power Plant
This paper discusses the technical, economic and operational issues addressed in improving RO feedwater to acceptable standards for the Point Beach Nuclear Plant. The final design, incorporating membrane filtration, resulted in a more economical and reliable system to operate and allowed full utilization of the capacity of the RO system. We Energies' Point Beach Nuclear power plant, in operation ...

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