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New valve body concept simplifies complex valve interfaces
Burkert Fluid Control Systems
Fluid connections for valves and sensors in the process industry challenge system planners, pipe constructors and installers to implement a piping system that is as simple as possible, quick to install and free of leaks. In addition, the solution should be cost effective and should require minimal installation space. An innovative valve body concept that partially eliminates the need for ...
Springfield, MA
Komline-Sanderson minimizes solid waste disposal costs in Springfield, MA The City of Springfield,MA uses a contract composting facility, which is located at the 65 MGD Bondi Island Wastewater Treatment Plant to dispose of their solid waste. The composting facility requires a feed of 40–45% solid materials to effectively operate the composting process. The treatment plant, which has primary ...
Treatment and Beneficial Use of Abandoned Mine Drainage
Cannon Water Technology Inc.
Acidic drainage containing dissolved metals from abandoned mines is a major cause of impaired water quality in many areas of the country, the coal mining regions of Pennsylvania being especially hard hit. With most of the active mining having taken place in the late 19 and early 20 th centuries, there are no responsible parties available to remediate the problem with the result that the state ...

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